All over the world, individuals, teams, organizations and nations are always seeking a leap in performance, optimization of resources or sometimes the best alternative. Life and business brings a complex set of "dynamics and challenges" that are ever changing and evolving: a confusing array of rules, regulations, capacity constraints, socio-economic pressures, shortages, and sometimes surpluses.

At the centre of it all, individuals, leaders, companies, communities and countries are charged with the responsibility of managing the somewhat delicate and elusive balance between goal setting and achievement, problem conceptualization and dream realization, poverty and prosperity.

Throughout history and the wonders of every civilization, human creed and deed have always come to the strategic inflexion point of evolution or extermination. The Agrarian era metamorphosized into the industrial age, and on to this information age and still, every day brings the question of what does the future hold and how can we have significant paradigm shifts, improve performance, develop capacities in order to chase challenges and create value-adding changes.

The challenges are as diverse as the cultures. Our in-house research has shown that people, who make up organizations and even nations face serious and sometimes life threatening health, emotional, financial, transformation and optimization issues standing in their path to the realization of their true and full potential.

How do we truly move from survival to success and on to significance while staying true to our essence, our vision and the calling that drives us from within?