41st CVL Colloquium – Successful Entrepreneurship is about Curiosity

Alongside others, I was a panelist at the 41st CVL (Centre for Values in Leadership) tribute colloquium in honor of Prof. Emmanuel Edozien where we talked about “The Spirit of Enterprise”. I defined entrepreneurship as an opportunity to meet people’s needs (to solve problems) through creating products and giving profitable service. Successful entrepreneurship is about curiosity 

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DAY 40 – Build Solid Structures and Systems around your Life & Business

10th October, 2017  Principle 32 -Build Solid Structures and Systems around your Life and Business.  Your brand and a good name ALONE will not be enough to sustain you when difficult times, storms, trials, tribulations, troubles etc come in Life and Business and guess what? These times will SURELY come and they will come far 

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Day 17 – 17th September, 2017 Law 15 – Master The Art of Building And Maintaining Relationships  EXTRA-ordinary leaders are collaborative. They know that no man is an island and that success can only be achieved through others. They can identify and collaborate with who they need and who needs them “Sometimes, idealistic people are put off 

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Job Loss/Business Failure – Dealing With Bankruptcy

On our daily Wisdom Nuggets For Today, we have been discussing ”Reasons why people go Bankrupt”. We also found that more individuals declare for bankruptcy than businesses as nearly 97% of bankruptcy filings are done by individuals. Today, we will look at Job Loss or Business Failure as another reason why people go bankrupt.

ARSÉNE WENGER: Emotional Intelligence for Becoming a Great Manager

Arsenal has been one of the most amazing ‘statues in the museum’ of football sport. Its incredible manager, Arséne Wenger has majestically placed it there for Football lovers and sport analysts. For Arsenal and its incredible manager Wenger, they go beyond the sport. Arsenal has been scaling through what can be called ‘depression’ in real 

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