LIFE LESSONS FROM NATURE: Leadership Principle No. 4 From The Lion

Today, we continue with our series on Life Lessons from Nature – 10 Leadership Principles from the Lion Principle No 4 : The Lion has a Succession Plan for its Kingdom This is another great quality I learnt as I watched several documentaries on the Lion. As a leader, do you have a succession plan and an 

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Job Loss/Business Failure – Dealing With Bankruptcy

On our daily Wisdom Nuggets For Today, we have been discussing ”Reasons why people go Bankrupt”. We also found that more individuals declare for bankruptcy than businesses as nearly 97% of bankruptcy filings are done by individuals. Today, we will look at Job Loss or Business Failure as another reason why people go bankrupt. Share

ARSÉNE WENGER: Emotional Intelligence for Becoming a Great Manager

Arsenal has been one of the most amazing ‘statues in the museum’ of football sport. Its incredible manager, Arséne Wenger has majestically placed it there for Football lovers and sport analysts. For Arsenal and its incredible manager Wenger, they go beyond the sport. Arsenal has been scaling through what can be called ‘depression’ in real 

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WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR : The Critical Virtues of an Ultimate Virtuous Woman

Last week, it was my honor to be keynote speaker at the NECA’s NNEW Summit. The Theme for the summit was “Women Entrepreneurs are catalysts to Nation Building”, it felt  just right that The Catalyst himself was on hand to speak on this. Aimed at re-orientating and inspiring female entrepreneurs to experience a paradigm shift 

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