CATALYST CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY : Who is the Catalyst to You?

Dear Friend,
First of all, we want to thank you for being part of what made 2014 a great year for us. Following us, digesting our resources and helping us fulfill purpose. It is that time of the year where we show our appreciation for being part of The Catalyst and The Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy family.
But let us have some fun whilst doing it… don’t you think?
We have these nice Catalyst Christmas packs to give but you need to answer the questions below  to win them.
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1. As you interacted with the Catalyst, Lanre Olusola or his resources this year; how will you describe him and what is he to you in that capacity?
2. What is it that stands out most for you about The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola and the OLCA?
3. How do you think we can serve you and others better in 2015 and beyond?
NOTE: 4 of the best comments will win the 1st set of the gift  packs.
You must be following  Lanre Olusola and OLCA on our platforms  to be eligible to win.
May the best answers win!
The Catalyst Crew 
This is an ongoing survey conducted by the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy Service Team.


  • Olawale Ariyo December 18, 2014 Reply

    Answer to Question No.1
    I meet with Lanre Olusola the Catalyst this year in the last Quarter Precisely, Ever since then my 2014 got a right definition and has been the best of my years because its my year of Discovery Through the Affirmations by Lanre Olusola the Catalyst and “i asked myself where on earth has this Great man Been all this while?” to me He is an exceptional Life Coach with a difference i really don’t pay more attention to life coaches out there but until i encounter The Catalyst my life Has never remain the same moving forward and upward direction. i call him a Miracle Talker, and a Wonderful Teacher.

    Answer to Question No.2
    What stands out most for me about The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola and the OLCA is The essence of GOD in all they Do it really make a lot of difference.

    Answer to Question No.3
    I Think How you can serve me and others better in 2015 and beyond is expanding your reach out of Lagos for those that does not live in Lagos for easy access to your products and services.
    E.G “Be all you can be with the Catalyst” is only aired in Lagos except for does that stream online we also want it aired in our local state radio stations too especially for us living in Abuja. *Smile

  • Pamela Chukwuemeka December 18, 2014 Reply

    No(1). As an avid follower of Lanre Olusola on twitter, he has been a profound pedagogue who has had much significant infleunce in very specific areas of my life; my career and my approach to my purpose in life. To start with, Lanre’s passion as a catalyst is felt in his daily tweet- twitter been a platform I connect with him personally. I have been inspired to seek, discover and consciously push by taking little measured steps but truly giant strides to living a purposeful life.

    No(2) The unique stand-out point is the deep passion of Lanre Olusola and OLCA to not just inspire but serve as a compass to intricately guide people to discover their true self , master themselves and make what I call small steps that yield giant results.

    No(3) The essence of life coaches are far yet untapped in Nigeria. Building a network of life coaches to cater for different sectors- most dear to my heart is coaching teenagers transiting to adolescent which constitute more of the population, guiding them to discover themselves thereby I believe will create platforms for innovative solutions for problems by our youths.

    There could be no better reward than seeing people who have been tutored by one become pillars of notable change, replica of catalyst and driving the crusade of development and growth. Welldone Coach.

  • Akpoyovware Felix December 19, 2014 Reply

    ANSWER 1:
    I have been Privilege to Be in a Summit Where He came to Speak to us and i can say that since then i have not still recovered from the Massive IMPACT he had on Me and my Career. I have also been following “The Catalyst” on twitter, face book fan-page for quit a time now. and i have being trying every possible best to connect with him on various online and Seminar Platforms because of his Life Transforming Messages that he spreads around the GLOBE… i thank God for making me know someone like the Catalyst.
    The Catalyst to me is a Man that lives a life i admire and love so much, because he his Characterized by These THREE POWERFUL INGREDIENTS of Existence: “PURPOSE”, “PASSION” and “VISION’. He is a man Burning with a Strong desire to Fulfill his God Giving PURPOSE, Through his Un-dieing PASSION for Transformation. and He is Propelled by his Core VISION: ” TO CHANGE ONE LIFE, ONE MIND AT A TIME”

    ANSWER 2
    What makes the Catalyst and OLCA stand-out is their Un-ending Passion for Transforming Nigeria and Nigerians.
    He said (THE CATALYST) and i Quote:
    “What worries Me about this Nation is that doctors are in Banks, Psychologist are Businessmen and people are not in their natural place of habitat”

    This is the statement of a man of Change……….


    ANSWER 3:
    There has to be some OLCA network training sessions Structured on ground to Reach-out to those at the grass-root level in 2015, those who can not afford the luxury of OLCA Programmes but Want to Influenced by it . (So many people need help at this level and i see them every-time it really pains me and all i hope is that if there can be a Catalyst in these platforms/places to take care of this people training and life transforming process.
    Since the Vision is : ” TO CHANGE ONE LIFE, ONE MIND AT A TIME” then the people in this levels are to be reached out to too for transformation. and I HUMBLY VOLUNTEER MYSELF(AKPOYOVWARE FELIX) As a Network partner to make this “Reach-out to the Grass-root People Transformation GOAL” to be a reality. this will help put “OLCA” and “the Catalyst “on the lips of all and make it a “HOUSE-HOLD NAME” In Nigeria and Beyond.

    GOOD LUCK!!!! TO My Catalyst Am forever Indebted
    GOOD LUCK!!!! TO OLCA Service Team
    GOOD LUCK!!!! To The Federal Republic of Nigeria

    Complement of the Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omogbeja Busola December 19, 2014 Reply

    Q1: My first interaction with Mr Lanre Olusola, was when i worked as an intern for 1month. Reading his book (You are in Charge),page-to-page, made me stop thinking about my past and start thinking about progressing in my today and tomorrow. You want to know how to take charge of your life? Read it #TheSecret.

    Q2: About TheCatalyst ( He is someone who knows the secret and knows how to impact it people)
    About LanreOlusola (He is cuteeeeee and has a hot wife)
    About OLCA (An academy that brings out the best in personnels)

    Q3: TheCatalyst Crew can serve better in 2015 and beyond, by never stopping)

    Merry Christmas!!!

  • Mercy Mbanekwu December 20, 2014 Reply

    1). My first encounter with The Catalyst was at my place of worship which is HICC and since then my life has never remained the same…
    He became My Life coach, My Mentor, My Inspiration and a Pace setter. His daily wisdom nudgets became my daily guide.

    2). His style of teaching is out of this world. …He can break through the hardest heart with ease. ..His relentless effort in helping the youths discover their potentials ..He is sowing seeds on fertile soil…..

    3) create forum for feedback and also expand your network because a whole lot of people are yet to have a feel of you…
    God bless the Coach….

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