Burna Boy, Davido & Wizikid are Bringing the World to Africa.

Our #AfricanGoodNews for the week highlights the Nigerian music industry which has experienced tremendous success with so many amazing artistes doing great work. Currently, Burna Boy, Davido and Wizkid are unarguably 3 of Africa’s biggest artistes. From awards to sold out concerts in global venues, show fees, top tracks, interviews, features and more, these guys 

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Central Park Five

Identity Change – From Promising Young Boys to “Central Park Five”

If you haven’t seen the series “When you see us” on Netflix you need to do so. There are many life lessons embedded in the true-life story which aligns with our series on the 6 things you can’t do without in Life (IDENTITY, FAITH-HOPE-DESTINY, LIFE & LIVING, RELATIONSHIP & LOVE, TIME, TIMING & TIMELINESS AND 

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African Identity

It’s Time to Break Free From Your Pseudo-Identity.

Still on the concept of stolen identities and Africa’s reawakening. Africa has lost her authentic IDENTITY and have been given a pseudo identity, just like Theon Greyjoy lost his authentic identity in Game of Thrones and was given a pseudo identity and a different name Reek, by his new captor and master. Once Theon lost 

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identity are Africans still held captive?

IDENTITY – Are Africans Still Held Captive?

Before I start, I will like to stress that IDENTITY alone without the complement of other critical life principles can be an all-consuming fire. We saw it play out in Season 8, when Daenerys went mad with her dragon and destroyed King’s Landing, the capital city of Westeros’, the seat of the Iron Throne and 

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Identity Arya Game of Thrones

Day 5: IDENTITY – Who are You When All is Stripped Away?

“Who and what are you in the dark, when there’s no external encouragement, ovation or accolade?” – The Catalyst Arya in Game of Thrones became a blind, faceless girl, stripped of everything she held onto just to find her true Essence, Path and IDENTITY. You will have to also INTENTIONALLY strip yourself of ALL worldly 

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